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Two- and possibly three-wheeled vehicles (trikes) mentioned in this blog

NUVIZ Motorcycle Heads-up Display Review

Michael here, breaking radio silence to write up a review of a new product for motorcyclists — a heads-up display Continue reading

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Added a windscreen to my electric motorcycle

[Originally posted to I just picked up a National Cycle Deflector DX and ran into two problems while assembling it. 1) I’d incorrectly measured the diameter of the handlebars.  The parts I’d ordered are for a 7/8″ bar and … Continue reading

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Open letter to the members of the Washington State EV Caucus

Background: As a member of the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association, I heard about a request from John McCoy, Legislative Director for SEVA, asking people to write to our Washington State legislators to thank them for recently creating an EV Caucus … Continue reading

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The Electric Motorcycles on Display at The November 2014 International Motorcycle Show in Seattle

[Updated to mention the incredible attention our e-motorcycles received from passers-by in the parking garage.] In this post about the motorcycle show: Only one electric motorcycle seen, and it wasn’t for sale Special parking kindly set aside for recharging electric … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging

This post will describe how electric vehicles “refuel”, outline the choices for EV recharging, list which EVs can use each, and show how you can find recharging opportunities while out and about. Continue reading

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2014 Zero S test ride, part 3

Test Ride, Leg 5: From street to highway This leg was intended specifically for experiencing highway handling.  Heading over from 99 to I-5 was full of anticipation.  Would the bike accelerate as smoothly and easily as I’d heard?  Would I … Continue reading

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2014 Zero S test ride, part 2

Sunday, April 13, 2014 Test Ride, Leg 2:  0-30 mph downhill stop, continued Where I left off, we were talking about the downhill stop sign at the bottom of Blue Ridge Drive.  This was leg 2 of the planned route. … Continue reading

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