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RE: Open letter to the members of the Washington State EV Caucus

In quick response to my open letter, I was happy to receive the following e-mail from Representative Dick Muri (28th District, Washington State).  I’m glad that these representatives appear to be open to input from the public instead of trying … Continue reading

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Open letter to the members of the Washington State EV Caucus

Background: As a member of the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association, I heard about a request from John McCoy, Legislative Director for SEVA, asking people to write to our Washington State legislators to thank them for recently creating an EV Caucus … Continue reading

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Wear gloves but have to use a touchscreen?

Even before riding the Current Motor Super Scooter, there was a good reason to be in need of a way to operate a smartphone while riding a motorcycle.  RAM Mounts, made by a Seattle company, give riders somewhere to attach … Continue reading

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Thank you, Terry!

In response to the problem that I encountered on my commute to work December 7th, Terry Richards of Current Motor flew out to Seattle this week, ahead of a busy weekend for Current Motor at the Detroit Auto Show!  (Yes, a … Continue reading

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