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The Electric Motorcycles on Display at The November 2014 International Motorcycle Show in Seattle

[Updated to mention the incredible attention our e-motorcycles received from passers-by in the parking garage.] In this post about the motorcycle show: Only one electric motorcycle seen, and it wasn’t for sale Special parking kindly set aside for recharging electric … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging

This post will describe how electric vehicles “refuel”, outline the choices for EV recharging, list which EVs can use each, and show how you can find recharging opportunities while out and about. Continue reading

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Scooter lighting

Today, Darryl VanNieuwenhuise of picked up my Current Motor Super Scooter.  He’s going to see which of his lighting products will fit inside of the scooter’s headlamp assembly to brighten my road at night. You see, my way home … Continue reading

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A Seattle High School raffles an $85K Tesla S–winners think it’s gorgeous

Garfield High School in Seattle held a raffle on March 1st as a way to compensate for budget cuts.  The grand prize?  A Tesla Model S, priced at about $85,000. The winners, one of whom herself helped with fundraising for … Continue reading

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Braved the fog on the way to work this morning

Just a short note to let you all know I’m still alive and still riding the electric scooter. I usually avoid biking near freezing temperatures and 100% humidity.  Fog rolled into the Snoqualmie Valley near sunset last night to beautiful effect, … Continue reading

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Returning to the commute

Welcome back, readers.  After being off the scooter for quite some time now, the weather has let me ride on and off again.  I am happy to report that the scooter has successfully completed three more commutes to work. One … Continue reading

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What was wrong?

To follow up from my previous post with more detail, the problem that caused the scooter to trip the circuit breaker was overheating.  That is, the circuit breaker overheated. Why might it do that?  The battery was fully charged, the tire … Continue reading

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