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I was born in Wisconsin at a very early age. I now live in Washington state with my husband, a very fluffy cat, and the latest in a series of bettas. When I'm not pointing out yet another "thing from Wisconsin", I'm reading, playing video games, playing Mahjong with friends, and occasionally working for a living for some company which makes software and stuff.

Introducing Our 2015 Smart fortwo Electric Drive

We’ve been a one car household for about a year now. Last year, it was rare that both me and Michael needed the car at the same time, so it wasn’t that much of an inconvenience. Our commutes have changed … Continue reading

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Choosing our Second Car

We’ve been a one car, two motorcycle household for years.  Winters in the Seattle area are fairly mild, and you can ride a motorcycle year round with just a little preparation except for a week here and there when the … Continue reading

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