About this blog

This blog will be about a couple’s journey from gasoline vehicles to electric.  You’re joining us near the beginning, but we’ve been taking little steps here and there to cut back on gasoline consumption for a while now.  You’ll learn more about us as we in turn learn more about electric vehicles.  We hope you’ll enjoy being along for the ride!

We think that we don’t stand out much, at least among people like you who are interested in learning more about life with electric vehicles.  This means that we hope you will be able to relate to us and share in our discoveries of what life is like adopting an EV lifestyle.

I almost wrote “what it takes to adopt an electric vehicle lifestyle”, but that makes it sound like a burden, a sacrifice, or more hassle than buying a gasoline car.  It isn’t, for the most part, and describing what is different is the purpose of this blog.

About the authors

We are a couple who make our living testing computer software for Microsoft.  (The usual disclaimers apply: this blog does not represent our employers, we are not paid by the manufacturers of the vehicles that we describe, etc.)

We are fond of gadgets and excited to be able to geek out about electric vehicles.

Since getting married, we have striven to get ourselves out of debt, save a little money to enjoy life a little, and if the way we do so respects the planet, then so much the better.  However, we’re not eco-warriors and don’t get bent out of shape if a plastic bag ends up in the garbage instead of being returned to the grocery store.  That said, we do use reusable shopping bags whenever possible.

We prefer to live in the suburbs, meaning that we each commute between 30-40 minutes each way (like 19% of the US population) to different workplaces by driving alone (like 76% of the US population and 81.5% of suburbanites).  We go grocery shopping together.  We visit family and friends.  We visit the doctor and dentist.  We eat out once in a while.  We go to movies.  We don’t exercise enough.  We like taking scenic motorcycle rides around our fair Evergreen State.

My wife just knows that her average gasoline bill has gone down with each new vehicle she’s had to purchase.  I prefer to see the numbers and to that end have been diligent about recording my mileage and can feel good about seeing the savings on gasoline that our choices in more efficient vehicles bring.  The next step we’ve taken is to stop looking for vehicles with better gas mileage and instead choose vehicles that use no gasoline at all.

MPG over time
Miles per Gallon, 2006-2012,
2006 Honda Civic Hybrid
Miles per Gallon, 2008-2012,
2007 Suzuki Boulevard C50T
Price per gallon over time
Gas Prices, 2006-2012,
Redmond, WA
38 mpg makes us feel good about choosing more efficient gasoline vehicles, but we aim to do better 47 mpg on two wheels is a but a small compromise in efficiency for greater comfort from the 51 mpg S40 that preceded it $4.50/gal. makes us want to abandon gasoline vehicles for routine use, but are electric vehicles really cheaper?


The primary intent of this blog is to show you, dear reader, that choosing an electric vehicle over a gasoline vehicle is not a disruptive lifestyle change.  We understand that electric vehicles are not yet ready for everyone to adopt, but should you be on the fence, we hope that you will find information here that will help inform your choice.


Michael and Chris Johnson,
ebikereviewer at live.com


2 Responses to About

  1. Tony Stevens says:


    I really enjoy your blog. I was very “envious” of your ride on Jen’s electric motorcycle. I had been communicating with her for some time now. I still would like to get a ZEV LRC 12 one of these days.

    I was wondering if you knew where I could purchase a new battery charger for my X-Treme 5000Li moped. You seem like someone who could point me in the right direction. I already tried elite Power Solutions and their comparable charger did not completely charge my pack. So I am back to the internet for help. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have over 28,000 miles on the moped and I would love to keep going.

    Tony Stevens


    • Merry Christmas Tony, Michael here. Good to hear from you again.

      Sorry that trying to order a scooter from Jen didn’t work out, but you’ve mentioned being interested in the ZEV electric scooter for some time now, so I wonder how close you are to placing an order for one of those. I can also understand that you’re trying to get the most out of the X-Treme 5000Li that you already have, which is great.

      Regarding a battery charger for the X-Treme, I’m not familiar with the brand or the company, but have you tried contacting them? If you don’t find any help there, then I would recommend looking for help among local or online communities of owners of X-Treme products, or other communities of two-wheeled EV enthusiasts like yourself.

      * This link points to a conversation on the Electric Motorcycle Forum in which someone provides links to resources relevant to X-Treme’s products. The forum itself is full of people who like to discuss electric motorcycles (Zero Motorcycles for the most part, but other models too).

      * This link is to the Endless Sphere forums on the topic of electric scooters and motorcycles. X-Treme product owners have posted to this web site and can probably answer your questions or point you to more resources.

      * This link points to search results for “X-Treme” on the V is for Voltage forums. V is for Voltage is another online community for EV enthusiasts with a more technical bent–people who are more likely to have built their own electric vehicle than to have bought one.

      Besides searching online, how about visiting local electric bicycle stores near you to explain what you’re looking for? They might also be able to direct you to useful resources, even if they don’t have the correct product in stock.

      Best wishes to you for the new year!


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