Scooter lighting

Today, Darryl VanNieuwenhuise of picked up my Current Motor Super Scooter.  He’s going to see which of his lighting products will fit inside of the scooter’s headlamp assembly to brighten my road at night.

You see, my way home is well lit up to a point, and then there are long stretches of twisty, hilly, sometimes wet, and sometimes foggy darkness.  The capacitive touch screen that makes up the scooter’s dashboard, even set to low brightness, can affect my night vision, making it difficult to ride safely at night and even more difficult in the rain.  I’ve written about this before in this January 2013 post, but now I’m taking another step towards solving it.  The previous steps were to dim the dashboard’s backlit screen and to tape gels (stage lighting color filters) over it.  The screen is still dim, but I’ve removed the gel, which looks tacky in daylight.

I don’t know exactly which product Darryl has in mind, but it will likely be something with about the same or less power consumption [example], so there won’t be any risk of shortening the battery life or the range.  Even if the new lights use twice or three times the wattage, it won’t prevent me from successfully commuting to work and back on the same charge, because I can get home with about 30% of the battery remaining even at full throttle all the way home.

The primary goal is to cast more light on the road so that I will be able to see more and further ahead than I do now.  Even though the nights are getting shorter, I still sometimes ride in the dark because I come home late from work.

Darryl’s LED lights [example] offer more light for the same power than the incandescent bulbs that are currently installed.  It is ironic that electric motorcycles like those from Current Motor and Zero Motorcycles still use incandescent bulbs, but Harley-Davidson offers its Daymaker series of LED headlamps.

I’ll let you know about the change in nighttime visibility after the scooter comes back from Darryl’s shop.

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