Looking for a used electric motorcycle in Western Washington?

Even if you’re interested in riding and owning an electric motorcycle, the prices of new models are still much higher than many people are willing to pay (cue the “IT’S OVER $9,000!” shouts from the peanut gallery).

However, if you still have the desire, and had the patience to wait past the model year you were interested in, take a look at your local motorcycle dealers for used electric motorcycles.  Here are three that I spotted today:

Dealership: Lynnwood Cycle Barn

  1. At $10,000, there’s a 2012 Zero S with the ZF9 battery pack advertised as offering a range of 114 miles (purchase price is $88/mile, but about $0.01/mile to recharge)
  2. At $5,500, there’s a 2011 Zero S Street with an advertised range of 58 miles (purchase @ $94/mile, but about $0.01/mile to recharge)
  3. At $5,896, there’s a 2011 Zero XU with an advertised range of 30 miles (purchase @ 196/mile, etc.)

Of these, #3 is the worst choice, with a higher price than the 2011 S and a lower range.  If you have an extra $3-5K for the 2013 models from Zero Motorcycle or Brammo, they would be better choices, especially for the benefit of compatibility with public electric-car charging stations, which use J1772 plugs for L2 (240V) charging or the CHAdeMO plugs for DCFC (DC Fast Charging @ 480V or more).

Whichever vehicle you choose, don’t forget to factor in the little extras like the tail case or charging accessories.  Before you choose, do take a test ride, and do ask about how different the bike is relative to factory-new condition.  If there’s a good reason to knock down the price (or a good reason that the previous owner walked away from it), then you owe it to yourself to find out what that reason is in order to make an informed decision.

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