Elevation profile of my commute

I recently learned that Google Earth can be used to graph an elevation profile (chart of altitude along a route), so here’s what my commute looks like if you straighten out all of the turns but leave in all of the ups and downs.

The vertical axis represents altitude measured in feet.  The horizontal axis is distance, with zero on the left at the start of my commute, and 12.9 miles on the right near the end of my commute.

Commute - elevation profile

(Elevation data comes from http://ned.usgs.gov/, the National Elevation Dataset of the US Geological Survey.)

Of note:

  • Total distance travelled:  about 13 miles
  • Total ascent:  about 1150 feet
  • Maximum upward grade:  16%
  • Total descent:  about 1180 feet
  • Maximum downward grade:  15%
  • Net elevation change: about –30 feet

Not pictured:

  • Speed limits encountered, in order
Speed Limit (mph) Distance (miles) Maximum Grade (%)
25 1 down 15%
30 0.25 up 5%
40 0.25 down 1%
50 1.25 up 4%, down 6%
45 7.5 up 15%, down 10%
40 1.1 0%
60 3 up 8%
35 0.1 0%
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4 Responses to Elevation profile of my commute

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  3. Steve Coram says:

    Elevation profiles are such a powerful tool for us EVers! I’ve never profiled the elevation for my daily commute, and you inspired me to compare some different routes.


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