Uh-oh. Breakdown on the way to work this morning.

This morning, my morning commute was interrupted by the circuit breaker on the approach to the shopping area at the top of Novelty Hill. That is a steep incline as I’ve reported before.

I’ve noticed more battery consumption for the same route (40% each way vs. 33% each way) over the past two days, but thought it was just the “more throttle means less range” issue I’d written about the other day, but now I’m not so sure.

The scooter was reporting 100% battery this morning before I headed out, but 0% after resetting the circuit breaker.

After resetting the breaker, I was able to continue for about two more miles with an angry red light on my dashboard.  Luckily my parents live nearby, so I rode it there and was able to get a lift home.

Definitely could’ve been worse if I was stuck between two steep hills and needing a tow truck to go…where? Home doesn’t get it fixed, the nearest electric motorcycle dealership/service center is over 20 miles away, and the manufacturer is 2000 miles away.

I’ll let them know what happened and await their response.


[2012/12/10 update:  Good news:  I heard back from Current Motor this morning, who said that I may simply return the circuit breaker to the ON position, recharge the scooter, and then resume normal operation while they investigate the cause.  The circuit breaker is there to protect the electrical system and was just doing its job.  What made it necessary for the circuit breaker to trip in the first place is yet to be determined.]

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5 Responses to Uh-oh. Breakdown on the way to work this morning.

  1. Theodore says:

    I’m just glad you were able to go home safely. The root cause of the breakedown will be interesting to see.


    • Thanks. I was initially worried that the weather would prevent me from riding the scooter after registering it. Now after riding it for the past 8 workdays in rain and gloom the scooter itself seems to be having a bit of the blues.


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