More throttle means less range

Returning home late from work last night, there were very few cars on the road, such that I was able to ride at full throttle almost the entire way: 60 mph highway, and 40, 45, and 50 mph city and rural roads.

Having ridden these 13 miles each way several times in traffic that wasn’t always reaching the speed limit, it was easy to compare typical battery consumption (33% each way) against riding without traffic as close to the speed limit as the scooter would let me, which I discovered was closer to 40% consumption, for a range of 32 miles, rather than 40 miles.

Looking at range at higher constant speeds, see my earlier post, in which I describe traveling 20 miles at 55 mph, consuming about 80% battery.  That would be a range of at most 25 miles at a constant 55 mph.

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