RE: Some light reading tonight

After jotting lots of notes in the margins, I made some time late last night to type up my feedback about the manual.  Since you can’t read the manual online, you’ll have little context for the comments, so I won’t post them here.

For some perspective, the Current Motor Super Scooter’s Owner’s Manual is about 50 pages long with ~10,000 words and lots of space taken up by helpful diagrams and pictures, but my comments ran to about 13 pages and 5,000 words with only one or two pictures.  Not exactly NaNoWriMo material, but if it leads to helpful improvements, then I can be satisfied with that.  Not all of the comments were critical, either.  The manual is very helpful, especially in lieu of local representatives (I’m in Washington, and they’re in Michigan) who can be consulted in person.

There were typos, yes, and places where the wording was not clear (both in meaning and in terms of visibility on the page), but overall the information was appropriate and the accurate table of contents made information easy to find.  It even has enough detail that would be useful to a local motorcycle technician if the need arose for someone other than a Current Motor employee or representative to service the vehicle, especially if the first question they would need answered is “How do I make sure not to electrocute myself while working on it?”

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