First week of commuting

Last week I commuted to work three days and had no trouble with charging or climbing hills or getting up to highway speeds, even in the rain.  This gives me great confidence in the scooter for Seattle area weather.

One thing I haven’t experienced yet while riding the scooter is a crosswind.  A part of my commute crosses an exposed overpass at highway speeds.  Crosswinds could push the scooter sideways dangerously depending upon how easily the wind can pass through and around the frame.  The scooter is light, around 400 pounds, so it can be tossed about more easily in the same breeze that wouldn’t affect a car.  The forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning predicts winds betweeen 10-20 mph, so we’ll soon see.

That said, strong wind presents a secondary danger: fallen tree branches and other road debris.  My commute also includes a heavily wooded road (risk of running over or slipping on tree branches), on a hill (constant need for braking), in the dark (almost zero visibility with a weak headlamp).

Weather permitting, I will commute all 5 weekdays on the scooter.

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One Response to First week of commuting

  1. The Washington State DOT publishes wind data for bridges. Here’s the data for the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge (SR-520):


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