Some light reading tonight

In the spirit of the season, but even without this temporal coincidence, I must give thanks to the team at Current Motor Company for the opportunity to win their Super Scooter in the sweepstakes they held back in spring of this year.  It’s been a half year for the bike to arrive, a half month to square away all of the required paperwork to the WA state Department of Licensing’s satisfaction, and a half day to secure an insurance policy for this uncommon vehicle, but finally there’s a license plate on the scooter and an insurance card in my wallet.

So with all that out of the way tonight (Wednesday), I’m taking the time to thoroughly read the Owner’s Manual in preparation for up to 40 miles of test riding.

Read it twice and made some notes that will be sent as feedback about the manual and the scooter itself.  The feedback about the manual should be easy to address because the manual was clearly produced using word-processing or desktop-publishing software.  The feedback about the scooter involves things like omissions and differences between the vehicle and the description of the vehicle in the manual.  Because Current Motor is a young company, it is no doubt changing its flagship product faster than its manual can be kept up to date.  In addition, its digital dashboard offers the company a chance to experiment with many potential improvements in a very short time, and even deploy those changes to customers very quickly, without having to ask the customer to bring the vehicle back for service or send out a technician in person.

Tonight:  reading, learning, and proofreading.

Tomorrow:  testing, riding, and grinning from ear to ear!

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