Do any electric motorcycles use an SAE J1772 plug?

The SAE J1772 plug is used by many electric vehicles (e.g. Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt, Mitsubishi MiEV, Toyota Prius plug-in, but not any Tesla vehicles) to connect to charging stations.  This is the plug typically found on L2 (240V) charging stations.

Electric motorcycles, to my knowledge, use only normal electrical appliance plugs to charge from a 110V power supply.  As you can see from the shape of the J1772 plug, it is incompatible with the more familiar 110V plug that you would use to plug in your toaster, stereo, hair dryer, or cell phone wall charger.

Question:  Are there any electric motorcycles that are equipped with an SAE J1772 plug?

Question:  Are there any adapters that will allow an electric vehicle expecting a 110V plug to connect to a J1772-equipped power supply (with the requisite voltage step-down to avoid frying the vehicle)?

If you, dear reader, already know the answer, please let me know.  Otherwise, it’s on my to-do list to find out.

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4 Responses to Do any electric motorcycles use an SAE J1772 plug?

  1. Rachel says:

    Zero doesn’t have a J1772 plug built in, but does apparently have an adapter that lets their electric motorcycles plug into J1772 charging stations. I don’t offhand know of any others.

    Similarly, while Tesla does not have an SAE J1772 plug built in on any of their vehicles, the Model S speaks the appropriate charging protocol and comes with an adapter. (Presumably the Model X does as well, though I don’t know anyone who has one to confirm that.)


    • Thanks, Rachel. I once visited the Tesla store in Bellevue Square Mall and asked about their vehicles’ compatibility with J1772 plugs. Asyou said, Tesla does offer an adapter for this purpose, which is reassuring for their customers, no doubt.


  2. This article claims that the Brammo Empulse will support the J1772 plug and Level 2 charging:


  3. At the December 2012 motorcycle show in Seattle, I saw a 2013 Zero Motorcycle with a J1772 charging port.


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