2012-11-03 (Sa) Astride EV#2, the Current Motor Super Scooter

I’m posting a little bit out of sequence, jumping for the moment past the 2nd part of my unpacking adventure to give you another glimpse of the Current Motor Super Scooter out of its box and with a rider on it for scale.

2012-11-03 Posing in front of the garage

The Current Motor Super Scooter, out of the box ready to ride
Photo credit: Chris Johnson

With such a low center of gravity, the scooter is easy to maneuver, but so different from the cruiser I’m used to riding (a Suzuki Boulevard C50T) that I will have to spend time getting used to it.  Even how I sit on the seat is different from the cruiser (enough to cause me to cramp a muscle near my hip if I’m not careful—something I also noticed on my test ride at Current Motor HQ in Michigan back in May).

My wife Chris is eager to try it out to learn how different it is from her maxi-scooter, a Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive, as far as I know the largest scooter available in the United States.

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