2012-11-02 (F) Excitement! Unpacking! Early Christmas!

Today at 2pm–after almost 7 months of anticipation–EV#2 arrived:  an electric scooter from the Current Motor Company of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Also delivered that day were its Certificate of Origin and other documents necessary for registration, a tail case, and a three-quarters helmet.

This was supposed to be electric vehicle #1.  It was going to be the toe we dipped into the EV waters to see how life would be like running on electrons instead of petrochemicals.  Instead, the weather drove us to get a second four-wheeled vehicle to help our commutes to work before this scooter could be made ready.

The FedEx truck arrived at 2pm and delivered a crate, but the employee wasn’t allowed to open it and take the crate away.

WP_000327 WP_000336

However, he did kindly push the crate into the back of the garage where it would least be in the way.


Instead of plastic straps wrapping all the way around the box, every edge of the crate had a metal bracket pinching the sides together.  I’d never seen this type of fastener before, and was a little surprised to see it work so well.

WP_000338 WP_000339

A screwdriver was all it took to pry open each of the metal brackets, each clattering to the floor with a loud ring.  Once all of the brackets were pulled off of the side, the screwdriver was again useful for prying open the face of the crate, letting me peek inside.

The other panels stood fast, still clipped together.  Fortunately, each of the wooden panels were not too heavy to gently lower to the floor and slide away, so I could get my first look at the prize I’d been waiting for for many many months.


There it was, mirrors folded in to fit the crate, strapped down to avoid tossing about, even keys in the ignition…but no documents, no owner’s manual, nothing but the scooter.

praiseFortunately—although FedEx’s tracking number claimed they would arrive the following Monday—some documentation arrived that day: the Certificate of Origin, a statement of the retail value of the prize, and a statement identifying me as…a wrap-design competition winner?  It was a sweepstakes hosted at the SXSW 2012 web site.  I didn’t submit any designs.  It was luck, not skill.  Anyway, the scooter, documents, tail case, and helmet all arrived on the same day was a masterstroke by Current Motor’s executive project manager.

concernBut still, no owner’s manual.  No Quick Start guide.  Yes, I did get it started, but there was more involved that you might think.  More on that in a later post.  Tomorrow bright and early, I have an appointment to talk about insurance for the scooter.

blocking issueAnd they’re not going to like hearing that the bike didn’t come with the odometer disclosure section filled in.  The King County Department of Licensing didn’t, either.


Hopefully, this phone pic of the relevant part of the dashboard will suffice for insurance purposes until a corrected Certificate of Origin can be sent.


All in all, an eventful and productive day.  More about the garage shuffle in a later post.

[2012-11-04: fixed a typo and corrected the reference about the garage shuffle; added icons]
[2012-11-03: fixed a redundant sentence about moving the crate into the garage]

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3 Responses to 2012-11-02 (F) Excitement! Unpacking! Early Christmas!

  1. Congratulations, it looks quite a nice machine.


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